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Piano Grades

I have now collected all payments for the graded piano exams and all students should now know what date there exam will be on.  The actual time of day  for the grades is information I will be given over the following weeks.  

With the ABRSM exams the total marks available are 150 with

100 marks needed to pass the grade

120 marks needed to gain a merit

130 marks needed to gain a distinction


The breakdown of the 150 marks in each grade is 

A piece - 30 marks available

B piece - 30 marks available

c piece - 30 marks available

Scales and arpeggios - 21 marks available

aural - 18 marks available

sight-reading - 21 marks available

As your piano teacher I will always give you feedback on how you are progessing  with each of these individual sections in your lesson time -  and one of the benefits to doing a piano exam is that you will also be receiving feedback from an examiner, and rememeber that the examiner wants you to do well in both your graded exam and also with your future piano studies.  Enjoy the experience and good luck!

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