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Paul White Piano Teacher

I first established myself as a piano teacher almost twenty five years ago.  I started to learn the piano as a young boy and I quickly realised that i wanted to work with music throughout  my life and so as a young adult I established myself as a piano teacher.  I began teaching and this quickly turned into my main full time job.  I now teach In Macclesfield, Wilmslow, Knutsford and Congleton as these areas are central to where I live and so I can travel out to my student's homes to conduct the lessons.  By me travelling out to your home this means no travelling time for the student and parents. This is especially useful when I give two or three lessons in each household  as this could be  two hours when the parent would normally have to sit and wait  throughout the lesson.  Also this also means you will be taking your lesson on your own piano and so more famiiliar with the sound and action of the piano.  

Most of my work is in the evenings Monday to Friday but I can also be available in the daytime and also on Saturdays.  So whatever your diary we should both be able to find a time-slot to suit us both.  

I teach students of all different ages and abilities, inc. young children just starting out with the piano, older children who are perhaps taking GCSE or A-Level music and want extra help with note reading, composition, theory  or for their performance piece.  I also have students who have 'returned' to the piano after perhaps many years of not playing and now wish to re-start and I also teach older adults who have now retired from work and are looking for a new interest.  

 I have many different students learning for different reasons and so I am very flexible in my approach and I can pretty much play and teach most styles of music inc. classical, show songs, jazz, pop, boogie.  I can also help with composition, aural awareness and the theory of music.  With this our lessons will always be tailored for whatever  aspect of the piano and music you are looking to improve and progress with.  

I have students who learn for their own pleasure and don't wish to take any formal exams/grades, this is always fine with me and I never presure someone to take an exam.  For other students taking the grades is something they would like to do and there are good reasons for this as it  adds structure to your learning and also the discipline of preparing pieces of music to a high standard.  In the preparation for a graded exam you will also be learning scales and be examined on your sight-reading skills.

I teach mainly for my passion of the piano, I have now been playing  the piano for 35 years and have been teaching for 25 years and so I have full confidence that I can help you progress and achieve the goals that you are wanting.  I have  taught every genre of music and helped hundreds of students achieve great exam success.  

For piano lessons Paul can be contacted either by phone or email which are on the home page of this site.  

Should I learn The Piano?

Learning the piano at age any will be a rewarding journey for you.  I give lessons to  children as young as four up to adults in their eighties and I always see the same benefits with my students which of course is good for them and also gives me tremendous job satisfaction.  Learning the piano and bringing music into your life will open the door to a new world for you.

As well as learning the notes on the piano you will also be learning to read music -  this is what we call the notation and this is  the music code or language.  Being able to read music will allow you to begin  playing simple compositions and introduce  you to  playing music of the great composers.  The big names in musical composition such as Beethoven and Mozart wrote music for varying  abilities and so within a few short months you will be playing music that you recognise.  

As well as expanding your cultural knowledge you will find your time sat at the piano will promote a reduction in any stress or  anxiety levels you may have - it will become your meditation .  On a pracical level you can expect to increase your aural awareness; if you are listening to classical music you will be able to place the composition as 'baroque' or maybe it was written by a later 'romantic composer'. You will sharpen your motor skills, have greater hand strength and  build self-esteem, but above all you will have  fun. 

As you improve and you gain more fluency in reading the notation you will move on to more challenging compositions and  learn how to put more dynamics and expression into your music.  Perhaps you will always learn for your own enjoyment or maybe you will enjoy preparing music to play for the piano exams/grades.  

Whatever you decide to do you will have a hobby that will take you through a lifetime of learning the piano, gaining more cultural knowledge, meeting the great composers through the last five hundred years, and all of this literally in your fingertips. 


Contact Paul who is available as your piano teacher in Macclesfield, Wilmslow, Congleton and Knutsford.  

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